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What is Digital Filmmaking?

Digital filmmaking is a wonderful creative art! Digital filmmaking, in simple terms, is the process of making films! We break down the procedure from start to finish, from writing a fresh script to exporting the final video edit.

We teach absolutely everything one needs to know to begin their journey towards a potentially career, or even just a hobby, in digital film-production! Anything you want to shoot, Team Oasis gives you the skills to achieve that.

Filmmaking is quickly becoming a fun career path that many people are becoming attracted too, as resources and equipment for independent filmmaking are becoming a lot more affordable and abundant.

It's a great time to get involved in this creative art and see whether it strikes your fancy!


What do we teach?

Team Oasis strives to deliver excellence in every one of our activities. We own state of the art camera, sound, lighting, and editing equipment that offers us the opportunity to shoot the highest quality video and teach our wonderful young people with the same equipment that a large majority of the professional freelance workers are using today.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn at Team Oasis:



  • Break down the script

  • Finalising the budget

  • Scout and secure locations

  • Storyboard and shot-lists

  • Cast actors

  • Schedule shoot days


  • Shoot all scenes

  • Reshoots



  • Video Edit

  • Sound Design

  • Colour Grade

Our digital film-making sessions at Team Oasis are available for everyone no matter whether you're a total beginner or if you have some experience in film-making already! We have so much to teach those who are ready to learn about putting those ideas that are in your head onto the screen!

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