What we cover...

Drama classes at Team Oasis cover a wide variety of techniques and skills needed for both Stage and Film productions. We explore both Scripted and Improvised work to create our own projects.

Primarily we focus on acting, developing knowledge through mainly practical lessons, on topics such as; Acting for Stage - spacial awareness, blocking, movement, gestures, vocality, theatre terms etc, and then comparing that with Acting for Film, which does cover the same topics but embodies them in a completely different way.

What else!?

We can cover other roles connected to acting such as directing, producing, camera work - which are also really fun! We will always be working towards a final performance that our students will perform, either to camera for a showreel, or to parents and other faculty members at the end of certain drama sessions!

Currently, we are part way through our first Acting for Film course, which is taught by myself and James Nilson. At the end of which, our students will receive a showreel of their own work. Our next BIG theatre production will be a reprise of ‘The Jungle Book La’ which will take place next year (2021) and this will bring a lot of classes together; dance, music, film - which is very exciting! Keep your eyes open for more information to come in future.

Amongst all of this, our main aim is to create a fun, safe, creative space in which our students can develop their own confidence, creative ideas, life and acting skills and take ownership of the incredible work they will produce.

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