Here at Team Oasis we have now just opened a brand new music studio! With this facility and the expertise of our staff members we have the opportunity to record professional sounding songs.

Our young people are in a position to learn an insane amount of awesome new skills that can give them a early start towards a career or keen interest into the music industry! These Include:

  1. - Learning an instrument (At Oasis we teach Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, and Vocal coaching)

  2. - Learning how to produce, mix and master quality music from a laptop using all of the latest software including Ableton Live and Logic Pro X/midi instruments/drum machines/VST's/effects plugins.

  3. Song composition

  4. Recording live bands (up to 5pc). We teach our students everything from microphone selection, acoustic treatment, signal routing, software management, recording, mixing, and mastering.

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