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Free Food

The Largest Community Free Food Market


We first set up our free food market in the very beginning of the covid lockdowns back in 2020. We got a pallet of free food from our local Tesco on Park Road and decided just to put tables up outside the centre and allow people to take whatever they needed. By the end of the 2 hours the tables were empty. This prompted us to then contact Fareshare UK to set up an account with them to get weekly food. The numbers started small but over the later 2 years have since blown up and we are catering food to over 80 families per week.

The food was never something we considered we would be doing but in those uncertain times during the pandemic we couldn't just sit around, we had to find some way we could alter our delivery and continue to serve our community. The food still continues to this day, we haven't missed a week and the number are growing each week. The cost of living is seeing people attend our free food who you would never in a million years expect to be accessing something like this. This goes to show the severity of the situation and how much we all need to pull together in these uncertain times.

If you want to come and access our food then please come down:

Address: 125 Park Hill Road, Dingle, Liverpool, L8 4RN

Days & Time: Every Wednesday, opens 12pm but would recommend arriving earlier due to queues.

Any extra food we get throughout the week gets laid out for collection and promoted on our facebook and instagram. Any left overs from our deliveries get laid out. Most of the time we have food 5 days per week but sometimes we've delivered food for 7 days straight.


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