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How We Work

“Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.” 

We work side by side the most vulnerable young people across south Liverpool, aiding each in skill-development, personal growth, team-building, and education. Since 2003 Team Oasis has committed to the neediest young-people knowing that with sound guidance and early intervention towards meeting their most important childhood needs, everyone has the inherent capacity to live a complete, healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement

Social Statement

"To improve the quality of life of children and young people in Liverpool 8 and surrounding areas."

The strategic objecticves of Team Oasis are:

  • To serve our community

  • To understand, listen and show caring compassion to the needy

  • To relieve the consequences of poverty

  • To combat all forms of discrimination

  • To encourage

  • To inspire

  • To raise aspirations

  • To inform

  • To facilitate acess to communty facilities

  • To alleviate fear and hopelessness

  • To be inclusive in the face of exclusion

  • To educate where we find ignorance

  • to create a better enviroment for our community

  • To develop social growth through humanitarian programmes


These objectives shall be met by the following methods of work :

  • Youth work

  • After schools work

  • School Liaison

  • A Community Programme

  • A Social Progamme

  • A Humanitarian Programme

  • An Empowerment Programme

  • A Holiday Programme

  • An Environmental Programme

The Charity commits itself to supporting the region in which it works, by way of grants, sponsorship, donations and commitment of rescources.

Social Inclusion is key to the charities success and the business will strive to meet best practice with regard to recruitment, employment and client support regardless of : race, gender, sexual orentation, belief disability, place of birth, HIV status and marital status.

A range of family friendly policies.

Any employee has the right to be a member of a trade union and the business will recognise the role of a trade union in terms and conditions negotiations and in business development.

Guiding Statement

Team Oasis was established in 2003 with the aim of offering inclusive opportunities for children and young people of all abilities and circumstances to engage together in a variety of activities and projects. We believe that engaging children / young people in exciting, adventurous activities with others that might have a particular disability bears much universal fruit, Friendships blossom, mutual respect abounds and of course we like to think that we have a major impact on diverting people away from the prevalent negative influences that can make it so difficult for young people these days.

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