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About Us

Established in 2003 with the aim of offering inclusive opportunities for children and young people of all abilities and circumstances to engage together in a variety of activities and projects. We believe that promoting activities that engage children/youngsters in exciting, adventurous activities with others that might have a particular disability bares much universal fruit. Friendships blossom, mutual respect abounds and of course we like to think that we have a major impact on diverting young people away from the prevalent negative influences that can make it so difficult for young people these days. From early numbers attending of just eight children, Team Oasis now has over three hundred children/young people attending each week positively intervening on approximately 200 desperate individuals. We deliver totally inclusive activities for fifty weeks each year. Our sessions prioritize participation for all. 

Our Supporters

Our Supporters

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Team Oasis simply could not carry out all of the wonderful, life-changing projects that we are able to without the help of our supporters.

Our Impact

Team Oasis now has over 200 individual young people attending EACH WEEK

Our amount of PROJECTS reaches an ALL TIME HIGH along with our attendees.

Development of many more professional FRIENDSHIPS.

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